Keiro has again awarded First Presbyterian Church, Altadena grant funding in 2023-2024 to support and sustain programs and services provided to older adults and caregivers in our community.  The following programs have been developed to promote healthier and more fulfilling lives of our aging seniors.  We thank Keiro for their generous grants program which continues to help our older adults and caregivers to live a long and healthy life.  Because of Keiro’s generosity, we are able to continue to offer the following programs and classes to all seniors and caregivers with the hope that the programs will provide health/wellness, purpose, connectedness, security and autonomy to all those that participate. 


This is a beginner mosaics class under the Keiro Grants Program at First Presbyterian Church Altadena.  The class began in March of 2023 and continues weekly.  In the first class you will learn how to cut glass and use the indirect method of mounting, and then you will learn how to grout your project.  

In the second class you will learn how to create a mosaic by using the direct method, and you will create a beautiful timepiece using your creative imagination.  All supplies and tools are furnished.  Free to any senior who wants to learn a wonderful craft.

Once you have mastered the beginner’s classes, you will be able to register for an advanced class where you will learn how to create a glass-on-glass votive.  You will soon see how beautiful and fun these classes are!  New classes will continue throughout the year and into 2024 so I hope you will join us.  Class size is limited to 6 students per class session.

Contact Gini Ishida:

Special Caregivers Class of 2024

Patti Fujii Carberry

Jane Ishii-Itaya

Janis Waldorf

Shelley Shinmoto

Many thanks to our special caregivers.  We enjoyed the time together and look forward to more relaxing and fun activities.

Kelly Hokyo

Deena Ota

Class of 2022-2023

Dorothy Kirkland

Mieko Payne

Clyde Payne

Yumi Choi

Sue Morris

Busy Creating Something Beautiful

Sample Indirect Method

Sampler Glass, Porcelain, Dichroic Tiles Using Direct Method

Virginia Gin

Irene Fujimoto

George Takenouchi

Mitzi Toshima

Hideko Furuta

Hisako Takagumi

Mitzi Toshima

Glass on Glass Votive

Patti Gin

Lori Hatakeyama

Tina Lee

Howe Fong

Patti Gin


by Yumi Choi


We have a chair fitness program for our seniors that meets Fridays from 10:30 to 11:30 in our church Social Hall.  Once a month we have a Potluck lunch. Please join us for a morning of fun, great music and exercise, as well as meeting with friends and making new acquaintances.  To see videos of more of our classes, please go to and use the Password SENIORS$$$.  Immediately following the exercise program, we provide a small meal before we continue with the Karaoke Cafe, a fun and social event that is entertaining as well as nostalgic.


The 2022-2023 Keiro Grants Program final report is a requirement of the grants program and is an accurate description and accounting of the funds used by First Presbyterian Church, Altadena